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Volga Electronics - Upgrade to Smart Living

Volga Electronics is a specialist supplier and solution provider for the latest innovations in Buildings Technologies such as Smart Homes, Building Management Systems, Energy Management Systems and Industrial Automation Systems. We are partners with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) from around the globe to provide the state-of-art techology which is needed in the growing world of Internet-of-Things, Smart Connectivity and Smart Living. 

Our goal is to utlitise our products and technologies in order to improve the quality and standard of our living spaces. From the touch of single button to seamless control via mobile apps, we strive to ease and increase the level of comfort of our homes, offices and facilities. 


Our expert team believes in delivering world-class service to our clients with ingenuity, innovation and creativity. At Volga Electronics our core principles and startegies are driven by a customer- centric approach which has resulted in success for us.  

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